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Plays By

Brian Egland

"Excellence In Original Playwrighting"

-Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region VI

University Student Production

Fletcher Hall

The Birthday Dinner





The Cast

Jasmine Chapman (Jeryline Pete)  

Hunter Burke  (Miles Zeeman)   

Amandah Baker  (Emma Osmond)     

Jeremy Drewery  (Kaden "KC" Channing)

Jamel Small (Boris Osmond)  

Kenny Gabriel  (Guy Channing)   

Kristina Marshall  (Judith Channing)     

Alison Schilhab (Ava Stone)

The Synopsis

Emma and K.C. invite their absent fathers over on their birthday for dinner without their mother knowing.

The Trailer
A Scene From The Show
Rehearsal Pics
Performance Pics
Awards & Honors


The script was honored by the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region VI for Excellence in Original Playwrighting.



Brian received an Independence Award from The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Performing Arts Department for his work on the show.


Kristina Marshall  received a Best Supporting Actress in a Drama for her portrayal of Judith Channing. 

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