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Plays By

Brian Egland

Where the Suga Still Sweet

April 8, 2023 
As part of No Dream Deferred's Inaugural We Will Dream Festival
New Orleans, Louisiana

Where the Suga Still Sweet (Facebook Event Cover w name).png
The Synopsis

In a small southern town the murder of a young black boy echoes heavily with Runna, a traumatized black male seeking refuge in communicating with his murdered friend through a single, vibrant patch of sugarcane.  Though mute to the external world, Runna is able to embrace his superpower of love and mediumship, but his type of love is not well received by his Great Aunt Nanny Mae and the brazen Pastor Vern-Mayor who work to baptize it out of him.  It is only through a passing stranger; Incwadi, that demons of homophobia and the past are confronted as the vast field of sugarcane dies and their lives are forever transformed.

The Cast

Donyaè Asante  (Runna)  

Gwendolyne Foxworth  (Nanny Mae)   

Justin William Davis  (Vern-Mayor)     

xel simone (Incwadi)

Atlantis Clay (Sondelo)     

Performance Reactions
Articles & Reviews
Honors & Awards

Gay Appreciation Award
Playwright, Brian Egland with Brian Sands
of AMBUSH Magazine receiving the Critics Choice Award for
"Where the Suga Still Sweet"

Playwright, Brian Egland receiving
an Award for "Where the Suga Still Sweet"
at the We Will Dream: New Works Festival 
Kick Off Party.

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Saturday, April 8th at 7pm

Wednesday, April 12th @ 7pm
Friday, April 14th @ 7pm
Saturday, April 15th @ 12pm
Wednesday, April 19th @ 7pm
Friday, April 21st @ 7pm
Saturday, April 29th @ 12pm

Wednesday, May 3rd @ 7pm

Thursday, May 4th @ 12pm

Friday, May 5th @ 8pm



Saturday, May 6th @ 3pm

Sunday, May 7th @ 8pm

Wednesday, May 10th @ 7pm

Thursday, May 11th @ 12pm

Friday, May 12th @ 7pm

Wednesday, May 17th @ 7pm

Thursday, May 18th @ 12pm

Friday, May 19th @ 7pm

Saturday, May 20th @ 7pm

Sunday, May 21st @ 3pm




Thursday, April 6th at 7pm


Virtual Micro-Development Lab
with The National Black Theatre - SOUL Series Lab
June 6, 2022

suga group picture.png
The Cast

Awarded Best Ensemble of the Year for Micro-Development 2022

Best Ensemble Suga.jfif
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